a new adventure

It’s a new start. A move away from Wordmess etc etc. Will this result in more posts? That’s most uncertain…

Finally a new track

It’s a new track… finally. It has been said before, it takes time for me to make music. 🙂

The TPOLM Lazy Sunday Video Live Set

I thought I had put this up on my own site, but apparently not. 🙂 Anyways, here it is. I did a live set together with Knos (France) on the 25:th of April 2010, Knos did some truly nice work on the visuals and I think it all came together quite beautifully. Here’s a Soundcloud clip with a free download should you choose to carry it with you in your portable player of choice.

   ableton, ambient, live

The Sporel remix

I’ve been stretching this release too far. Here it is. Sorry for the huge delay. While the above has a download link, here’s another one.

   Mosaik, remix, rymdlego, Sporel

An update, if there ever was one...

Finally, an update… 🙂 I’m curently working on a remix of Mosaik’s Sporel track from the Leandi EP (at Softphase) all out ambient style.

   Leandi, Mosaik, remix, Sporel


Frank Bolero makes music. Slowly. He’s also made music together with Ludvig, also known as Bill Yard, in form of the duo Frank and Bill.